Custom Cloud Infrastructure Calculator

CloudSigma is a 100% Swiss-owned cloud service provider. The Cloud offers locations in Europe, APAC, Middle East and the United States. Customers achieve complete control and flexibility over their cloud environments. Run any operating system unmodified (including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and more). Craft your environment as you like with completely flexible server sizing, high availability, tiered storage, advanced networking and incredible performance.

AV Cloud Optimisation

Our optimisation will allow you to identify opportunities for cost savings, usage, performance, security and availability optimisations. We save average 20-30% of your monthly billing.

AV Migrations & Consultancy

One of the biggest problems with adopting a cloud strategy is how you get there. We have the tools, experience and expertise that will make your journey to the cloud seamless and moreover painless.

AV Monitoring & Management

Managing cloud environments is sometimes difficult and crucial for every company. AV offers 24x7 Monitoring and Support, with 1 hour SLA for response. Our Managed Services are pro-active and resolve potential problems on time providing the needed business contingency.

AV Audit & Risk Assessment

Our AV IT Audit & Risk Assessment in the cloud help companies maintain high-performing, secure and highly available infrastructure for their applications.

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2. Define your compute resources
Cost (CHF)
CPU/ GHz (1 core = 2 GHz)
SSD Storage/ GB
Magnetic Storage/ GB
Local Outgoing data transfer/GB
Foreign Outgoing data transfer / GB
Static IPs
Disaster Recovery/ per VM per month
Migration/ per VM
Backup/ GB
* 4 is the minimum amount of SQL licenses purchesed.
Total cost

*All prices above include our free tier of resources for all cloud locations, except in Honolulu, Perth and Melbourne. CloudSIgma’s free tier consists of 1GB of RAM, 50 GB of SSD and 5 TB of outbound data transfer (incoming is free and unlimited).

*Accounts spending over USD 10 per month automatically qualify for the free tier.

*Аll operating systems except Microsoft are free and pre-installed in the library of CloudSigma.